Summer Eats Series Part 6: Ballpark Sidewalk Snacks

Let's wrap up part six of the Healthy Makeover Summer Eats Series: Ballpark and Sidewalk Snacks! Here's the duo of two healthier vegan versions of your favorite summertime ballpark and sidewalk snacks: (Party Nachos and Giant Soft Pretzels)....

Ballpark and Sidewalk Snacks

1. Vegan Party Nachos: Fresh spicy veggies, protein and fiber-rich refried black beans, fresh jalapenos, bubbly vegan cheese and a mix of perfectly crisped baked and traditional tortilla chips. Vegan.
*Healthier than traditional Ballpark or Party Nachos. Contains 5.5g less saturated fat per ounce of cheese. More beans means more fiber and protein. And fresh ingredients are healthier and more flavorful than canned.

2. Healthy Giant Soft Sidewalk Pretzels. Whole wheat flour, nothing artificial, olive oil, sea salt, herbs, side of spicy Dijon (not neon yellow) mustard.
*Healthier than traditional Giant Soft pretzels which have 300-500 calories, corn syrup (most of the time) fiber-less white flour, and glowing white salt cubes. Oh and they are really not that good either-hard and overly chewy most of the time!

Next up, Sunny Sunday Brunch...

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