Summer Eats Series Part 4: Beach Campfire Barbecue.

We've come to the end of part four of the Healthy Makeover Summer Eats Series: Beach Campfire Barbecue! Here's the duo of two healthier vegan versions of your favorite summertime beach barbecue eats (smores and hot dogs)....

Beach Campfire Barbecue

1. Healthier Vegan Hot Dog. Black-burnt bottom makes it campfire-licious!
*healthier than traditional meat hot dogs on a white flour bun. Better ingredients, healthier hot dog. Nitrate-free.

2. Vegan Campfire Smores. Ooey Gooey Good. Sweet and Sara's vegan marshmallows do the trick. These are strawberry flavored.
*healthier than traditional smores. Cruelty free. Free of gelatin, free of honey, free of dairy.

Next up, Fresh Picked Desserts...

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