Summer Eats Series Part 2: Summertime Sippers!

We've come to the end of part two of the Healthy Makeover Summer Eats Series: Summertime Sippers! Here's the complete list of four healthier versions of your favorite summertime sipper beverages....

Summertime Sippers

1. Fruity Fizz White Premium Sangria
*healthier than a traditional white sangria with average quality fruit and not-so-fresh fruit juices.

2. Melted Peanut butter 'n Banana Shake
*healthier than a traditional Peanut Butter Chocolate Malt or Shake.

3. Cashew Juice Slushee
*healthier than a traditional Fake-fruit slushee or high sugar sorbet.

4. Frosted Pear-Ginger Lemonade
*healthier than a traditional frosted lemonade, fruit-juice sweetened.

Coming up next in the series: Boardwalk Eats....

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