The Next Food Network Star: Week Two Rankings!

Did you watch last night's episode of The Next Food Network Star? Here are my week two contestant rankings. And my "did he just say that?!" reactions to the breakfast-in-bed and 'women eat differently' drama of last night...

Week Two Reactions:
Melissa is in the clear. Brett and Teddy are nuts. Scooping a quiche into a serving dish is not ownership of a recipe. I can't believe Brett actually tried to (chef show cliche ahead warning) throw her under the bus. If they didn't think helping was fair, they shouldn't have offered. Lame. Also, I think Teddy is a complex guy. He is so clueless about how to act on camera, but his cooking and 'one-on-one' talk is right on. Tone it down Teddy. Pretend you are Bobby 2.0. Next issue: Eddie. Oh my...where do I start. He has a lot to learn about not offending women. Wise up Ed. Rambling on about how the poor little women have to eat differently is not how to win over the Food Network's most loyal watchers: women! Geez, you're killing me. And lastly, I am conflicted about Jamika. The judges seem to love her easy going attitude. And I'd love her as a friend, but I need some sparkle in a host. So much yet to learn about these contestants. But Ina Garten next week, "how great is that?"

My The Next Food Network Star rankings this week (Week Two):

*+/- indicates how they moved on my rankings

1. Debbie +1
2. Melissa -1
3. Jeffrey n/c
4. Teddy +1
5. Jamika +1
6. Katie +1
7. Michael +1
8. Eddie -4

1. Debbie
(the one with Ina Garten's voice): I like her. Calm and warm with authentic spunk. I want to hear what she has to say.

2. Melissa
(the blond Texas mom): Lots of energy. Sparkle. I'd want to be friends with her and swap stories. Very warm and that's important to me.
New thoughts: I know she is not a PRO chef, but if she can harness her energy and her life experience as a mom, I think she could be a great host.

3. Jeffrey (the Greek God looking, laid back one): This weeks thoughts: Still has charm and skills. But is that what makes a great host? He needs to bring in his lifestyle.

4. Teddy (the one who beat Bobby Flay in a Mussels and Fries Throwdown): I love his 'generation foodie' pitch for why he should be the next star. He is horrible on-camera, but his cooking is probably the best in the bunch. Hmmm.

5. Jamika (the sweet and lovely quiet one): Sweet. Lovely. But boring? If she opens up more, she would benefit. Too quiet to tell just yet. Not overly abrasive like some of the contestants-and that's great. Update: Still a bit boring-but as sweet at cinnamon and sugar.

6. Katie (the healthy RD with the 'valley girl' voice): I really really want to love the dietitian, but like one comment said, it looked like food a dietitian would serve.She seems to be lacking warmth and creativity. Two values very important to my view. Confused by her first impression confidence and then tears at the end of the show... UPDATE: Again, not making the grade. So much potential, but 'Katie' isn't shining through. (Katie RD is...)

7. Michael (the wild one): Really like him. His energy and personality are huge! But probably too wild for FN TV, I predict. But I'd love to have a soy chai and chat NYC chef and foodie gossip with him...Update: Still fun and actually a talented chef..but a tad too OTT.

8. Eddie (the cocky California boy with spunk): Oh boy did he annoy me this week. His comment about how girls have more sensitive/different diets than men really annoyed me. His cockiness just went into overdrive-and ran him off a cliff.

On Who Went Home:
Voted Off: Brett Last week I ranked him last...looks like I was right! Here's what I said last week:
(the tall one that looks and acts like Kramer): Comes off an a slightly annoying Kramer meets teenager Bourdain. He's intriguing, but does his personality have authenticity? nope.

What are your contestant predictions and reviews?? Leave them in the comments!

And be sure to check back each week when I'll update my rankings and let you know who I think should be winning. Hopefully, the judges will get it right!

Love the show, can't wait for next week when the Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten is on...

Watch it: Sunday nights on The Food Network.

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