Healthy Father's Day Gifts and Dad's Breakfast Menu.

Are you ready for Father's Day? Well, here it is, my Father's Day post. Here are some healthy gift ideas as well as a super yummy guy-approved breakfast menu for that very special guy we call dad...

First the Gifts, then the breakfast menu.

Father's Day Gifts: Healthy and Happy
*Dad's Own Juicer
*Dad's Own Music World
*Gift of Hydration: Coconut Water in Bulk
*Beach, Barbecue and Backyard Reads
*Fit Dad 2.0
*Cozy Toes, Healthy Feet

1. Dad's Own Juicer

2. Dad's Own Music World

3. Gift of Hydration: Coconut Water in Bulk!

4. Beach, Barbecue and Backyard Reads

5. Fit Dad 2.0

6. Cozy Toes, Healthy Feet

Notes on Gift Recommendations: The juicers. I personally own the Super Angel Juicer. It's pricy, but well worth the investment if you are an avid juicer. Dad will love making his own OJ with the Might mini OJ juicer. Or the manual wheat grass juicer too. A more moderately priced juicer is the Jack Lalanne juicer-also awesome reviews.
The Books. I love all these books. And dad will too.
The Coconut Water. Bulk coconut water for dad? It doesn't get any healthier than that!
And all the other gifts I think are great Father's Day ideas. Or you can even get dad a fun Lunchbox Bunch tee. I got my dad the Tennis Pro Beet Burnout Tee from my zazzle store. Fun and comfy.

And now for the Father's Day Menu....

Father's Day Menu
Breakfast Menu Fit for Dad:
Main: Vegan McFaker Muffin/Giggling Morning Muffin (Dad-Approved recipe Below)
Side: Tempeh Bacon
Drink: Super Enzyme Smoothie
Side: Almond Butter Toast, a la Chef Jean-Georges
Dessert: Dark chocolaty Cocoa Cookies.

Vegan McFaker Muffin

1 whole grain English Muffin
1 onion slice, thick cut
1 Bocca Burger spicy Chick'n patty
1 slice cheddar cheese, vegan
1 Tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp vegan butter
optional: 2 strips tempeh bacon
Garnich: pickle spears

To Make:
Toast english muffin.
Heat Bocca patty in microwave.
Add chese to top of Bocca and heat for an additional 10 seconds-to melt cheese.
Spread butter and drizzle maple syrup inside the english muffin.
Layer patty on muffin, followed by onion.
Slice in half-toothpicks to secure, if needed.

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