Galia Organic Melon: Dessert for Breakfast! Guilt-free.

Finally! You can eat dessert for breakfast and feel great about it! Meet the organic Galia Melon, and find out more...

The Galia Melon is commonly refereed to as a dessert melon because of its sweet succulent flavor. But I call it the perfect breakfast melon, and not just because it tastes so delicious..

Organic Melon: For One! I found this Galia Melon at Whole Foods Market. I was excited to buy it because unlike most melons, this one fit in the palm of my hand. Perfect for a one person breakfast! Most melons feed 2-4 people easily, so a solo breakfast may not seen melon-friendly. And carrying large melons home from the store can be a big pain. Literally! What is the heaviest melon? Check out these watermelons weighing 268 pounds! The average in-store watermelon weighs anywhere from 5-40 pounds. I would definitely have to have a giant watermelon delivered to my door here in NYC. Unless I hulled it home for a really good workout...

Galia's Taste Like? Galia's look like a small cantaloupe from the outside, but have the greenish inner flesh similar to a honeydew. The flavor is sweet and intense. Incredibly succulent and tender. Juicy. Tart. Sweet. No mild weak melon flavor here. This melon has a flavor worthy to wake you up!

Dessert Melon? Every web page about Galia Melon's say that it is a dessert melon. Well I don't think this is the best plan-eating melon for dessert. Melons digest incredibly quickly and so it is always wise to eat them on an empty stomach without any other foods. Say, at breakfast! Melons in general are great breakfast eats because they are hydrating, low in calories and high in nutrients like potassium-an important electrolyte for replenishing your body and assisting in hydration.

Organic Melon from California. These organic Galia Melons I bought came from Be Wise Ranch in California. After visiting their website, I was very impressed with their CSA farming and loyal following of fans. So now I was feeling really good about eating 'dessert' for breakfast.

So if you are looking for an absolutely delicious way to start your day, try starting off with dessert! A dessert Galia Melon...

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