Friday Wellness News Round-Up. Top 11 Links.

I get a lot of awesome news links sent to me. But Friday rolls around, and I haven't shared any of them yet. So here's a round-up of my fave foodie, health, green and wellness news links I found this week. Stories include healthy Father's Day gifts, a report on Naked Juice removing it's supplements in it's juices, super food combinations, healthy-skin vacations and even a story about how it is cool to be healthy again. Check out the links and my story comments, ahead...

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Here is my Friday Wellness News Round-up, Top 11 Links:

1. The Consumerist: Naked Juice removes supplements, Now Just Boring Juice.
*My Comments: Very interesting story about how Naked Juice changed their juices, but not the juice prices. What do you think?

2. Men's
The Most Powerful Food Combinations
*My Comments: Awesome story about how eating certain foods together actually makes them healthier!

Healthy Father's Day Gifts for Dad
*My Comments: Yay for a healthy daddy.

4. Huffington Post:
It's Cool to be Healthy Again
*My Comments: I so agree.

5. Real Simple:
9 Healthy Pre-Dinner Snacks
*My Comments: Some great ideas here for pre-dinner snacks. You know you do it.

6. New York Post:
Goose is Cooked in NY Air Blitz
*My Comments: So angry and sad about this story.

7. Web MD: The Best Diet for Allergies
*My Comments: Got allergies? Read this.

8. LA Times: Spa Review: Swimmers Treadmills-Gear
*My Comments: I want one.

9. LA Times:
Agave Syrup's Benefits in Debate: Is it too Sweet?
*My Comments: Interesting.

10. LA Times: Food Inc. is Coming
*My Comments: Love this movie. You must see it. Screenings are popping up.

11. 6 Skin Healthy Vacations

*My Comments: Some vacation dreaming..for your skin.

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