Fire Closes Teany NYC: No Chai for Me. Sniff. Sniff.

It's Monday morning, and I was craving a soy chai latte. Not in the mood for Starbucks, I trekked out to one of my favorite vegan spots on the lower east side of NYC: Teany. Moby's awesome tea cafe. But sadly, I was shocked to see this polite tiny sign announcing temporary closure due to a fire:

"Dear Teany Customers,
Sorry there has been a fire and we are closed for now. We will re-open once everything has been repaired and we are ready to serve tea and vegan/vegetarian goodies again. Hope to see you soon, Love Teany"

Poor Teany. Get well soon little happy cafe. We miss you. (FYI, while I strolled by, about 3 other folks walked by and frowned in sadness when they saw that Teany was closed.) I'll tweet you all when I have a Teany update! Want to read my Teany review...

Read my Teany Review here.

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