Amy's Kitchen Teriyaki Wrap. Crave Taste and Time?

Amy's Kitchen has two new products. A Teriyaki Wrap (vegan) and a Breakfast Scramble wrap (Vegetarian). If you are seeking a bit more time, taste, value and health during your busy day, this may be the product for you. Find out the results of my Teriyaki Wrap review and taste test...

Night Owl Chef. I'm definitely a PM chef. What do I mean? Instead of cooking in a sun-soaked AM kitchen, I prefer to end the day in a golden glow PM kitchen. It's like meditation to me: chopping the onions, stirring the pot, slicing the bread, smelling the herbs and plating the dish. Preparing a knockout meal is my reward and art at the end of the day. But a girl has to eat during the day too! So instead of another round of chai lattes, sometimes I'll reach for the super easy, organic and tasty option: Amy's.

There are two new wraps from Amy's, but I'm excited to try the vegan one: Teriyaki! The breakfast tofu scramble wrap is vegetarian.

Product Review: Amy's Kitchen Teriyaki Wrap

Shelf-Appeal: Simple plastic wrapping. Easy to grab and go-no w excess cardboard to throw away. Yay. I'm always tempted to stick the whole plastic wrap in the microwave, but it really does stay moist wrapped in a paper towel-as the directions describe. I like to actually spray a wisp of olive oil on the towel to prevent sticking.

Label Check:
Here are the facts:
calories: 290
fat: 7g
saturated fat: 1g
protein: 9g
carbs: 48g
fiber: 5g, 20% RDA
cholesterol: 0g
sodium: 460mg, 19% RDA
Iron: 10% RDA
Vaitamin C: 30 % RDA
First 10 ingredients: Organic brown rice, filtered water, organic wheat and whole wheat flour, organic tofu, organic broccoli, pineapple juice, organic tamari, organic green beans, organic cabbage, organic carrots....(con't)
High in fiber, good source of protein, iron, vitamin c and made with 88% organic ingredients. No GMO's. I like the under 300 calories point. And the 9 grams of vegan protein is just what I crave during the day. The sodium content is a bit on the high side, but if you compare that to the sodium in 300 calories of potato chips, there is 14% RDA. So instead of snacking on salty snacks-get some protein, fiber and vitamins from a wrap. I love the facts that the wrap is not white flour and the rice is brown rice. Yay!

Taste Test:
Yum! I love tofu veggie wraps, so I was really hoping that the filling would live up to the description. And it did. Nice, nutty and hearty. Savory sweet. Green veggies are bright green. Carrots are bright orange. I could easily eat this with a baggie of carrot sticks and an iced tea at lunchtime and feel satisfied and energized. I had a scoop of butternut squash with my wrap and it was a perfect side dish. And the teriyaki flavor is authentic, yet mild. Not too sweet, as some treiyaki flavored foods can sometimes be. Tofu is superb. I can taste the ginger, which is my fave.

Price Check: 5.5 ounces, SRP: $2.79 Under $3, suggested retail price. Add a drink and side, and lunch in under $5. All you eat-outers at lunch for around $10...this wrap lunch is something you can do a few days a week to save some time, money and be healthy.

Last Word: Your time is valuable. Saving a few bucks is always welcome. And your health is the highest value of them all. Make your taste buds happy too and you are four for four. Time, money, health, taste. That makes me happy.

Amy's Kitchen Website.

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