Not Just Lettuce. Ten Healthy Greens to Try.

I hope you're not stuck in a rut of rotating your salad greens between romaine, iceberg and spinach. Yes spinach is extremely healthy, but you're bound to suffer from salad boredom in flavor, texture and taste. Wake up your salad-hungry senses and start inviting a new list of greens and crunchy shreds into your salad bowl. Here's my top ten list of healthy greens to try (and what taste, texture and color they have). ...Much more than just lettuce...

Try Mache.
I don't have a favorite green. But if I were to convince you to try at least one new green: try mache, also called lambs lettuce. It's incredibly healthy: high in folate, vitamin C, A, K. Iron, fiber and more. Plus it has a tender nutty flavor that most kids and adults love. And I've found that many people have never tried it! I have posted several photos of mache in this write-up.

Ten Healthy Greens, Leaves and Crunches.

1. Mache.
Taste is nutty and grassy. Texture is tender, like velvet. Color is deep green.

2. Arugula.
Taste is spicy. Texture is delicate. Color is deep green.

3. Radicchio.
Taste is bitter and bright. Texture is creamy and chewy. Color is deep purple and white marbled.

4. Endive.
Taste is bright and lemony. Texture is crisp and firm. Color is white-yellow.

5. Fennel(as slaw).
Taste is licorice essence and spicy. Texture is crunchy, hydrating. Color is lightest green to white(bulb).

6. Butter Lettuce. Taste is mellow. Texture is creamy, buttery and tender. Color is light green to bright green.

7. Watercress.
Taste is zesty. Texture is hydrating, crunchy and crisp. Color is dark green.

8. Cabbage.
Taste is mild to bland. Absorbs flavors well. Texture is crunchy to chewy. Color varies.

9. Boston Lettuce.
Taste is mellow and nutty. Texture is creamy, tender. Color is green to bright dark green.

10. Frisee.
Taste is bitter, tart. Texture is chewy, frizzy and stringy. Color is light green to white.

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