Mystery Gourmet Mushroom!

I found these exotic gourmet mushrooms at Whole Foods Market for $29.99 a pound. I purchased a nice handful for around $3. You've heard of shiitake, bluefoot, portobella, white button and oyster mushrooms. But have you ever heard of these....

What are they?

Yellowfoot Mushrooms!

Similar to the name bluefoot, with the delicate texture of oyster or hen of the woods. They have bright yellow stems and not-so-shocking, they taste divine!!!

If you can find them, try a few. Simply saute with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice or garlic. They have a pungent salty woody taste that is delicious eaten along or as a gourmet side dish.

If you've seen yellowfoots before-let me know! It was a first time find for me.

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