Memorial Day Menu. Healthy. Happy. Vegan!

Still fumbling through your kitchen cabinets feeling a bit uninspired to create a fun, vegan, festive and healthy Memorial Day menu? Well, here is a little last minute inspiration from a few of my favorite recipes-perfect for an outdoor BBQ or indoor family gathering. And for each course I'll even give you two suggestions: a super fast recipe and a 'worth the wait' recipe in case you have time restrictions-or not! Click ahead for my healthy, happy, vegan Memorial Day menu...

Starter Snack:
Super Fast: Vegan Ranch Dressing Dip with Veggie Sticks
Worth the Wait: Sweet 'n Pepper Toasted Nuts

Super Fast: At-Home Bottled Iced Tea with Mint
Worth the Wait: Frosted Ginger Lemonade

Veggie Side Dish:
Super Fast: Crunchy Cool Jicama Slaw
Worth the Wait: Deviled Avocado

Fruit Side Dish:
Super Fast: Salty Apples
Worth the Wait: Surfer Sunrise Golden Fruit Salad

Super Fast: 5-Minute BBQ Sandwich, vegan
Worth the Wait: 'Thanksgiving in July' Backyard Burger

Entree-Pasta Dish:
Super Fast: Lemon Peppered California Pasta Salad (Cold)
Worth the Wait: Squash 'n Spirals Summer Pasta Salad (Hot)

Super Fast: Double Chocolate Chip Soymilk Shake
Worth the Wait: Zesty Lemon Custard Bars

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