Coffee Purists or Pure Snobs? "We Don't Do Soy."

There's a new coffee shop on the block in SoHo NYC. New location, old and highly acclaimed brand. They supply coffee beans to Michelin Starred restaurants like Le Bernardin, but they do not offer a soy milk option in their cafe locations, as I recently discovered first hand. And they seem to be quite proud of that. Who is it?? Click ahead for my 'review' and to find out who the new coffee snobs on the block are...

We Don't Do Soy. About a week ago I stumbled into a brand new coffee shop in SoHo NYC. I am always excited to try a new cafe in hopes that they will reinvent the wheel when it comes to a 'really good latte' or even an exotic creative chai latte. I don't mind paying a few bucks more for a high quality beverage, despite current trends to 'cheapen' cafe beverages, a la McCafe and DD. So, after hearing some amazing press about this new outpost, I excitedly went. The interior design is beautiful: Sleek concrete floors, cool silky wooden bar, natural light and incredibly minimalist furnishings. No menu-anywhere. It's simply order what you'd like. Or so it seems.... "Soy Latte please." I ordered and the barista looked at me like I was nuts....
"We don't offer soy." he replied...

Who are these coffee purists?
La Colombe Torrefaction

My review: Well since they won't make a soy chai or latte, I can't review. My husband tried a small cappuccino and thought it was very good. So good that they have to be soy snobs? I doubt it.

Soy Milk Snob Trend? There are definitely the coffee shop snobs out there who cringe when they smell Starbucks and think drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee is unimaginable. I get it. I'm a quality snob too. But what is so horrible about soy milk? So buy really high quality soy milk. I know perfectly well that it's harder to froth soy ilk. But it's not impossible. My Le Pain Quotidien soy lattes are always thick and frothy and delicious.

La Colombe Torrefaction
, good luck shunning dairy-free-ers, but if this were Los Angeles, you wouldn't survive a day.

Snobbery is unnecessary. There are a lot of very high quality coffee shops in NYC that, gasp, do offer soy. A few I love are:

Think. Coffee
Gimme Coffee.
9th Street Espresso

Those are just a few, I know there many more. But the point can offer options for vegan dairy-allergy folks, and still produce your dairy-milk 'perfect purist' lattes.

You are only losing customers and in this highly competitive cafe industry, is it really worth it? I ask you to sit in Starbucks SoHo location and listen to the number of beverage that ring up as "soy". I think you'll be surprised by the high percentage of soy drinkers.

...But as for me, I have plenty of options in SoHo for a delicious soy chai or latte. And sadly, La Colombe Torrefaction won't be one of them. Too bad because that interior design is so refreshing!

What do you think??? Are they coffee snobs, coffee purists or both?

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