Bourdain vs. Waters. This Round Goes to Tony?

I'm Conflicted. I'm on Alice's side by virtue of health, wellness and greeness - but Tony is the winner when it comes to street-appeal charisma and common sense.

Bourdain vs. Waters. Live! You may have heard of the ongoing clash between the sometimes 'ditsy' know-where-your-food-comes-from advocate Alice Waters and the I hate anything good for me by principle, celebrity chef/author/TV host, Tony Bourdain. Last winter, Tony said some not so nice comments about Alice Waters and in turn felt the public wrath of her many garden-growing followers. To put it 'nicely', Tony said Alice annoyed him. The full quote here.

Round Two. So last week when Tony and Alice (and Duff Goldman) shared a stage at the Connecticut Forum's Food for Thought Forum Panel Discussion, they spoke to a sold out audience, no doubt hoping for a little controversial clean fun (or dirty Bourdain-style) debating. The audience was well rewarded with a clash of the foodie titans. Click ahead for a video of Alice and Tony discussing the virtues and inner morals of...a hot dog...

Save the Cupcakes. Ban the Truffle Oil. Not only did hot dogs come up, when asked what food trends each of the panelists would ban, 'Ace of Cakes' star Duff Goldman had an answer that might upset the folks at Babycakes: cupcakes! Alice answered Fusion cooking and Tony said Truffle oil. Read more here: Eat Me Daily.
Some cupcake love...

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