Zesty Lemon Tempeh-tations from Lightlife. My Review.

As many of you know, tempeh, a soy product made by fermenting whole soybeans, is incredibly healthy and an great source of vegan protein. Many people ask me where I get my tempeh. Well...

Tempeh-tations: Must try! For the past week, almost every night I've added Zesty Lemon Tempeh-tations organic marinated tempeh cubes to my dinner menu. I even served them at Easter dinner. I have not found a vegan protein product that I love this much since my Trader Joe's Soy Nuggets obsession back in college. And that was intense!

Tempting Tempeh.
Product Highlights:
*made by Lightlife Foods
*24 grams of protein per box.
*Marinated and recipe ready.
*Vacuum-sealed bag. Fresh.
*6 grams of fiber per serving.
*8% RDA of potassium & iron per serving.

Zesty Lemon Addict. Really, I love these little cubes. I have prepared them a few different ways, but my favorite is steam-sauteing them with my lemon-pepper recipe (pictured at right). I'll post the recipe later today...

Click ahead for my official product review...

Product Review: Lightlife Zesty Lemon Tempehtations

Shelf Appeal: Nice packaging. I love the vacuum sealed plastic bag that the cubes come in. Super fresh. And the pic on the box is actually what they look like when sauteed.

Label Check:
Healthy. Protein packed. 24 grams of protein per box. Two servings per box. 160 calories. 8 g fat. 1 g saturated fat. 6 g fiber. 95 mg sodium (4% RDA). That's quite low sodium for a pre-packages and seasoned food product. Most frozen protein products have around 20% RDA sodium. Calcium is 6% RDA and 8% iron. Again, these are per serving and there are two servings per box. The only small quip I'd note is that I see corn syrup on the label. However, it is the LAST ingredient and since there is only 1 g of sugar, I guess the amount used is VERY tiny. Oh, and these yummy bits are organic. Yes!

Taste Test: Well, I don't want to annoy you with my raving review, but I can't help it. I love these little cubes! So easy and fast to make and they taste much better than any tempeh marinade I could whip up in 5 minutes. I like to saute them with a few veggies, onion, lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil and pepper. So awesome. I've even added a few spoonfuls of chili peppers and they get spicy! Served over pasta, salad or rice these cubes are delish. Not too hard, not too mushy, they saute up just right. I don't eat these, I Mmmmmm them.

Price Check: $3.99
at my Whole Foods Market. Considering my husband's fillet of fish is $5-$8 and that's just one serving of protein, I'd say my two serving protein ingredient in my vegan meal is a heck of a deal. Prices may vary where you are.

Last Word:
Am I out?! Darn, gotta run to Whole Foods again.

*reminder: I only review products that I personally have used. These are not 'paid reviews' like some blogger use, but true 100% honest opinions! I always tell it like it is and like it tastes!*

www.lightlife.com for product info.

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