Sunny Weekend Outside? Re-Hydrate: Frozen Coconut.

Did you spend the weekend outside, enjoying the dry spring sunshine? I did. And the minute I stepped inside I was craving only one thing...

...Frozen Coconut Water!

How do I make fresh coconut into a frozen slushy?


1. Chop open a fresh young coconut.
Or use a coconut water brand like ZICO, O.N.E or Vita CoCo.

2. (congratulate yourself for opening a coconut without a machete - like they use beach side in Brazil!) If you used can still pat yourself on the back just for fun, and for being smart enough to re-hydrate with coconut water.

3. Pour the contents of the coconut (or coconut water container) into a sturdy glass that won't break if left in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

4. Stick the glass in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Hopefully by then the edges of the liquid will have iced over with cool white coconut ice crystals. Leave in longer for a thicker slushy.


...Instead of the quick freeze option, have a few pre-frozen coconut water ice cubes in your freezer. Then simply blend cold coconut water with the ice cubes to get an amazing coconut water frosty slushy! So good! If you are desperate, you can use normal water ice cubes, but I don't recommend it. 100% coconut water is sooo much tastier and better for hydration!


...have another one? I always do!

Coconut Water
is the perfect re-hydration beverage. It contains 16 times more potassium (an important electrolyte) than the 'average' sports drink , aka Gatorade. Plus it is high in manganese and low in calories. Only 60 calories per 11 ounces. My favorite coconut water fact is that it is so close to the same chemical analysis and PH level as human blood that they used to use it in war times as intravenous fluid when they were in need of an alternate to blood plasma.

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