Veggie Results: Most Hated, Feared and Loved.

Here's the official results for my ongoing Most Feared, Hated and Loved Veggie Survey:

Most FEARED: Okra
Runners Up: Fennel, Artichoke

Most LOVED: Mushrooms
Runners Up: Asparagus, Spinach

Click ahead for MOST HATED VEGGIE...

And the most hated veggies, according to the 200+ survey participants are.....

Most HATED: Iceberg Lettuce
Runners Up: Brussel Sprouts, Kale

But what about those cool crunchy iceberg lettuce salads?
And a nice firm bitter tender brussel sprouts?
And a tender garlic or citrus flavored bowl of kale?

...well I do have my eggplant issues. We all have veggie issues.

As promised, more recipes featuring these veggies to come.

...what to do with OKRA???

Any ideas?

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