Tofu Takedown Hits NYC!

He's doing it again! Another hardcore foodie Takedown event! Matt Timms, of bacon and chili takedown fame, has decided to rally his veg fans with: TOFU TAKEDOWN in NYC on May 10th. And yes, you might see me there...
...the event poster art is pretty awesome too. Tofu Gladiator by artist Matthew Langland. Click ahead for the full details on this awesome takedown event...

Event Description:

"You begged for it!!! For too long, vegetarians have been unhappily doggy paddling in a sea of comfort food. NO MORE.The most audacious takedown to date features TOFU, meat of the soy gods. Some may interpret this as a smack in the porky face of the previous bacon takedown!!! All it is, is another takedown!!! We expect to see brilliant and innovative renditions of this malleable fruit! Tofu chili! Tofu brownies! Tofu ice cream! Email Matt Timms to enter!!!! We need cooks to sign up now!!!!

May 10th at Highline Ballroom!!! 4PM!!!"

*sponsored by The Brooklyn Kitchen too!


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