Starbucks to Offer Gluten-Free Pastry.

Score one for the gluten-free advocates. Starting May 5th, Starbucks will offer a gluten-free pastry called the Valencia Orange Cake......but what about the vegans?

will offer a gluten-free pastry starting May 5th. The Associated Press reports:

"The pastry, called Valencia Orange Cake, will be made with seven ingredients which are all 100 percent gluten-free, the company said. The cake will be sold in individually wrapped packages for $2.25 each."

Customers Heard. This comes after a large cry from gluten-free Starbucks customers requesting a gluten-free option.

Gluten-free, on the rise:
Blogs like Karina's Kitchen feature gluten-free recipes. The Celebrity Apprentice TV show recently featured a gluten-free frozen meal in one of the celebrity challenges. Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View wrote a best-selling gluten-free diet book called The G-Free Diet. And now Starbucks is catching on. Many of the people who need gluten-free products, like Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View, have Celiac Disease.

My Plea? Hopefully Starbucks is working on that vegan dairy free soy shake Frappuchino I keep requesting!!

Read the complete news story here:

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