Seedless Tangerines! From Ojai Pixie. In Season Now!

It's seedless tangerine season! With a little bit of Pixie magic, Ojai Pixie has been kind enough to bring citrus lovers everywhere: seedless tangerines!

...and FYI, they are all-natural seedless. No crazy genetics! No scientific engineering involved! more info after jump...

Those Darn Seeds! I love tangerines. I prefer them to oranges in many of my recipes simply because the flavor can be more intense. But those gosh darn seeds drive me crazy! Nothing ruins a bite more than a big bitter citrus seed. So, when I saw these seedless tangerines on sale at Whole Foods, I had to try them. And wow! Delicious and 100% seed free!

Less Seeds. All the Nutrients.
Pixie tangerines are just as healthy as traditional tangerines. Packed with vitamin C, fiber, only 50 calories and lower in acid than traditional tangerines, according to the Pixie website.

Adorable! And the branding is pretty cute too. The company even mails out FREE bumper stickers and sells T-shirts on their website. They have quite a loyal Pixie-loving fan club out there! Sign me up! I'm a fan.

Click ahead to read my official review on Pixie Seedless Tangerines...


From the Pixie website:
"Why don't Ojai Pixies have seeds?

The Pixie Tangerine arose from open pollination of a Kincy (King mandarin crossed with Dancy Tangerine) in 1927. This pollination led to fruit that is naturally seedless and was named the Pixie Tangerine. As with seedless Navel oranges, buds have been taken from this tree and grafted onto rootstocks to create all the new Pixie Tangerine trees.

The fact that a fruit or vegetable has no seeds does not mean that it has been irradiated or genetically engineered. Pixie tangerines have been neither irradiated nor genetically engineered"

Yay for that right?! Here's my review:

My Review: Pixie Ojai Seedless Tangerines

Shelf Appeal:
In the fruit section-loose. Adorable cute Pixie-Ojai stickers. Bright orange color. Firm, yet nicely wrinkle rind. Smell deliciously fresh!

Label Check: Healthy as can be! From the Pixie website: "Pixies have a lower acid content than many other citrus varieties making them the ideal fruit for folks that are sensitive to acidic foods. We have found that Ojai Pixies are one of the easiest ways for adults and kids to fulfill their consumption of 5 daily fruits and vegetables that the USDA recommends in order to stay healthy. A medium sized tangerine is cholesterol- and fat-free and has on average approximately 50 calories. Tangerines are an excellent source of potassium (approx. 180mg), fiber (approx. 12 percent of the daily recommended allowance) and are of course packed with vitamin C as well as some calcium and iron."

Taste Test: So easy to peel! And 100% seedless. Taste is sweet, tart, incredibly fresh, and all juice. The pulp is pretty minimal, so yay for that. I love the taste of these Pixie's!

Price: SRP $3.25 a pound. Not the cheapest citrus out there, but I waste so much tangerine juice trying to pry out seeds-these are very worth every penny!

Last Word: I'm a fan. I need a PIXIE bumper sticker. Yum.


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