My Martha Stewart Show Photos. Front Row!

I just got back from the Martha Stewart Show taping. It was a special Earth Day episode and the entire audience was filled with people professionally devoted to green living. I was thrilled to be invited-and I scored a front row center seat. More on what Martha is really like, my many photos of Martha and the set ahead...

Front Row Center Seat! Nice.
I was seated in probably the best seat in the house. I was next to a few of the green living audience guests who were interviewed on-air by Martha. Next to me was a woman from The Rainforest Alliance. As well as an amazing nun who represented a sustainable CSA in New York called Sisters Hill Farms. Very kind, passionate and do-good people.

What is Martha Really Like?? The show was fun and the audience was not forced to do over-the-top cheesy applause, it was all natural, which is very unusual. Joey, the stage manager is such a genuine guy. And the entire staff seems incredibly detail-oriented, on-the-ball and friendly. and yes, seeing Martha in person reconfirmed my analysis that Martha Stewart is indeed the Queen of ...all things. She is so poised and polished, firm and calm, yet incredibly kind and thoughtful. Love her.

PHOTOS from the Earth Day Martha Stewart Show:

*the Queen.


*Martha's studio is beautiful! I've seen a few others and hers takes the cake by far! Fresh fruit (oranges, apples, mangoes, artichokes, limes), flowers, awesome props!

* tasters choice? hmm...sponsored goody bag I'm guessing!

Check Martha's website for some great green Earth Day tips and green living links:

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