Most Inflated Food Item? Tip Your Baker...

The Bureau of Labor Statistic's Consumer Price Index shows that the number one cost-inflated food item is a bakers best friend...flour!

Flour is #1 at 37% price inflation. (Remember when a 5 lb bag of flour was around a buck? I do!)

Other most inflated food items include the following...

Most Inflated Foods Items, Consumer Price Index:

* Flour, up 37%.

* Eggs, up 34.8%.

* Sweet peppers, up 29.2%.

* Milk, up 23.1%.

* Dried beans, up 21.6%.

Tex-Mex Breakfast?
That could make for a quite inflated price on a Mexican Style breakfast with beans, bell pepper diced in some eggs and spicy milk latte.

What is a Sweet Pepper? I wasn't quite sure what sweet pepper refereed to. I thought it was a jarred sweet roasted pepper, but I looked it up on Recipe Zaar and: "The best known sweet peppers are bell peppers"

I often gawk shockingly when orange and yellow bell peppers at my NYC Whole Foods are $4.99 a pound. That's pretty outrageous.

To read the entire report on these inflated food items and a few recommendations on how to beat the inflated prices, click here: MSN Article: High Food Prices. How to Save.

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