Kids Allergies? Free Giveaway! Teddy Bear included.

It's allergy season-even for kids. Nothing is sadder than watching a butterfly-net toting four year-old sneeze and sniffle on their way to the butterfly meadow. Want to test-drive the all natural kids allergy remedy Sinupret and get an adorable kids fun pack-for free?

The FDA recommends that parents not give over the counter medicines to children younger than 4, so finding a safe remedy for those 2-4 kids is a must. Try Sinupret for free. The first 15 readers to email me at (subject: giveaway) will get this awesome Sinupret kids pack mailed to them for free.
Giveaway Pack Includes: Dr. Bob Sears bestselling book The Healthiest Kids in the Neighborhood, A sample of Sinupret, Yellow children's binoculars, Sinupret for Kids Activity Books, Sinupret for Kids Stickers, Mini Plush Bear, (aka, butterfly explorer buddy)
Sinupret is made and Germany and backed by science. One study showed that 88% of physicians found Sinupret effective.

This product can be given to kids as young as age two! And with spring sneezing effecting even the smallest of citizens, it's great that parents have a chemical Free option. The science is convincing, but the biggest test is to try it yourself. Every one's body is different and this product may or may not work wonders to improve your child's immune and respiratory system. But if it means using an all natural product versus an over-the-counter medicine- I think it's at least worth a shot to try!

Plus, the kids pack is adorable. Cute binoculars for those springtime outdoor adventures. And even a cute teddy bear to bring along on your adventures....your kids will love it.

Email me soon! Only the first 15 will get a giveaway pack.

Here is more info about this product:

Is Sinupret proven to be effective?
Sinupret has been the subject of a number of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials for efficacy and safety. In one of the largest clinical trials in children testing sinus remedies, Sinupret was evaluated retrospectively in more than 3,000 children by approximately 1,000 physicians. 88% of the physicians found Sinupret effective. A majority of the children who used Sinupret experienced healthy sinus functions.

What is Sinupret?
Sinupret for Kids is a safe, natural remedy that supports healthy sinus, respiratory and immune function. No other clinically tested natural remedies are available today in the US that support all three functions.

Sinupret for Kids syrup promotes healthy drainage in the upper respiratory tract, improves airflow in the nose and supports healthy mucous clearance from the nose and sinuses. In addition to supporting sinus and respiratory functions, it also supports the immune system.

Sinupret and Sinupret for Kids are one of the world’s leading herbal remedies for upper respiratory health for children and adults ages 2 and up. Sinupret for Kids is available in a cherry-flavored syrup.

What is a plant-based remedy or herbal supplement?
A plant-based remedy or herbal supplement is a product whose active constituents are exclusively plant-based (containing extracts from plant parts and plant juices).

Is Sinupret used frequently in Germany where it was developed?
The Sinupret product line, developed by Bionorica, is now the #1 most widely recommended, scientifically tested nasal and sinus support formula in Germany for children and adults for more than 30 years. From April 2007 – April 2008, over 7.5 million units of Sinupret were purchased in Germany alone, with over a half a million units purchased for kids under 12.

Sinupret is cited as safe and effective in numerous peer reviews, scientific and medical journals, including American Botanical Council Clinical Guide to Herbs, Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Phytopharmaka, Planta Medica, Natural Standards-Herbs, Pharmacist’s Letter for efficacy and safety and Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.

How does Sinupret work and what are the ingredients?
Sinupret provides sinus, respiratory and immune support, a combination that doesn’t exist in any other product in the US that has been clinically tested. Sinupret for Kids is a natural plant-based remedy, developed through a proprietary blend of five-herbal blend combination of European Elder, Sorrel, Cowslip, European Vervain and Gentian.

Sinupret is Gluten Free!


Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by SINUPRET and is for your convenience only. You are totally responsible for any use of this product or effect therefrom. Please verify all information and check product safety for your own personal circumstances.
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