Jeffrey Mason: Let Us In! Let Us In! ..Banged the Chickens.

Quote of the day:
"One of the epiphanies that led Mr. Masson to veganism came in 2004 when his family took in a puppy, a kitten, two chickens and two rats. “The chickens were very sociable,” he said. “They would come inside the house and watch me writing at the computer. And I would be picking up after them with a box of Kleenex. My wife made me put them outside. And do you know what they did? They banged on the window: ‘Let us in. Let us in.’ They have such strong personalities.”"

-Jeffrey Mason, Author of When Elephants Wheep and his new book The Face on Your Plate, The Truth About Food. Article by Eric Konigsberg, NYTIMES..

This adorable photo is by Jennifer May, NYTimes:
full article by Eric Konigsberg here:
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