Jazzy Apple Ginger Juice. Fresh Pressed. Extra Ginger.

Sun rises. I'm thirsty.Today I was craving some fresh pressed, Jazzy Apple Ginger Juice. With a dash of cayenne and extra ginger,. This juice never fails to impress me. The classic combo of apple and ginger is always a fresh-pressed juice favorite in my house. And the coolest part is that by using different varieties of apples, you will get a different flavor every time. No boredom here. Click ahead for my recipe and see what apple variety I used today...

Jazzy Apple Ginger Juice is made with none other than Jazz variety apples! You may not be familiar with jazz apples, but they are small, crisp, tangy and sweet. Not organic, unfortunately, but I had a huge bag of them in my fridge from Trader Joe's, so I decided to use them in my "Jazzy" juice. At least I got a cool name out of them and they do make a very clean 'apple cider' apple juice.

Jazzy Apple Ginger Juice
vegan, serves 2

5 jazz apples, sliced to fit in juicer
*I used the cores when I juice because there are vitamins and nutrients in the core and seeds.
1/2-1 lemon, rind removed, chopped
2 Tbsp fresh ginger, skin removed
dash of cayenne (optional)

To Make:
You will need a juicer. I use a Super Angel juicer, with twin macerating blades. It is gentle on the fruit so that more nutrients are kept in tact (less oxidation occurs to fruit)
Juice apple, ginger and lemon.
Dash of cayenne swirled in gives this juice an extra kick!

I love ginger so I actually add about 3 Tbsp of fresh ginger. It is strong, but I love it! You can use 1/2 to a whole lemon. You can either add peeled chunks of lemon to your juicer or squeeze the lemon and stir it in separately.
Cayenne is strong. Add with care! Substitute cinnamon for cayenne for a mild spiced cider flavor.

Immunity Apple Juice!
I love to make this juice in the morning to give my body a kick and also when I feel a cold coming on. Something about the cayenne and ginger revs up your immune system. At my favorite juice bar in NYC, Liquiteria, they actually do a similar juice (with green apples I think) and they call it "The Killer XX" It is meant to fight off any illness and "kill" anything effecting your immune system.

And when you can chug 3-5 apples as your breakfast, you are definitely keeping the doctor away.

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