"I Hate all Vegetables" -Whoopi on The View.

Today on The View, in her ongoing plight to voice her opinion about vegetables, Whoopi Goldberg shouted: "I hate them! I hate them! I hate all vegetables."

Whoopi is great, love her.
But I have a few things to say:

Dear Whoopi,
Today on The View, which I watch frequently, you said, "I hate them! I hate them! I hate all vegetables." I appreciate that you have issues with veggies. Many people do. I don't eat eggplant. But you really hate all vegetables?
My letter continues...

I believe
there must be a huge menu of veggies that you have not even tasted prepared deliciously. But many veggies you probably have tasted: A warm mushroom salad, sweet roasted golden beets, a spicy Asian stir-fry, fresh veggies on a bubbling pizza, mashed sweet potatoes, spicy salsa and corn chips (I know you love corn and potato chips), tender kale sauteed in olive oil and sweet garlic, a creamy crispy fennel or jicama slaw, miso-maple glazed baby carrots, deviled avocados, guacamole, corn chowder, spicy arugula greens, and thick sweet onions on a sandwich. These are all veggies. Do you really hate all these things??? Because if not, I beg of you to retract your statement that you hate all vegetables. "Vegetables" does not just mean steamed cabbage with a dash of lemon juice. Yeah, that would be pretty bland.

My Challenge to you:
Head to Dirt Candy, here in NYC, where chef Amanda Cohen is the queen of veggie cooking. (Yes, I'll come too to lead you in a culinary journey like no other! You'll leave dreaming about green spinach soup that tastes like lemony bliss, jalapeno hush puppies, candied grapefruit slices, carrot risotto so good you'll want to be Bugs Bunny, corn grits that will make you swoon and a sweet potato sorbet paired with chocolate cake that will send you to "these are veggies?" heaven. I'm a big fan of Chef Cohen and I know she could make you love veggies.

Part two of my frustration is when you post-quote, proceeded to recommend that people who hate veggies do as you and drink a can of V8 juice. Side note to viewers, V8 juice is a sponsor of The View. A V8 commercial ran in the next commercial break. V8 is not the same as eating fresh nutrient and enzyme-dense vegetables.

But if at the very least, please further explain to The View viewers why you hate veggies so much. I'm incredibly curious about where this hate began and whether or not you can be converted to being a veggie lover! You said you could never fly (due to your intense deeply rooted fear) ....and you did. Why not give veggies the same shot.


Kathy P

Veggies are our friends! ....

Let's love vegies!

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