Fresh Ginger Raw Banana Smoothie. Frothy Zing.

Fresh Ginger. Raw Banana. A bunch of black-spotted organic bananas were screaming to me on my counter top, "eat me!". Craving a smoothie, I pondered my attack on these beautiful bananas. Darn, I usually like frozen banana smoothies, but I knew I could make it work. I also wanted ginger, but didn't want to juice a few small bits. So I peeled, chopped and dropped a few chunks of ginger right into my blender. Yes, it blended smooth! The result was a delicious Fresh Ginger, Raw Banana Smoothie. Check out how I pulled off a frothy, frosty (not watery or mushy) smoothie...

There is a myth that when using ginger in a juice or smoothie you must first juice (extract juice from) the ginger chunk and then add it to your juice or smoothie. Not true. You can actually peel and roughly chop fresh ginger and add it whole to a smoothie blend. The blender will do the work for you. It's fast and easy and adds that zing-licious ginger flavor to your smoothie.

Here is my recipe...the drink of the day!

Fresh Ginger Raw Banana Smoothie
vegan, serves 1-2

1 extra large organic banana, ripe with a few black spots
2 cups coconut water ice cubes
1 cup mango/OJ/apple juice blend (bottled brands OK)*
*you can choose any yellow/orange colored juice
2 Tbsp fresh ginger, chopped
* Juicy ginger pieces work better than dry grainy ones.

Blend all ingredients, but only half the portion of ice cubes, on high.
As smoothie becomes blendable and thin, ad in the remaining ice cubes.

You must use coconut water or juice ice cubes. Otherwise the high amount of ice will water down the flavor.
When using a raw, unfrozen banana in a smoothie you must use a lot of ice. Otherwise your smoothie will become mushy.
My favorite juice in this smoothie would be a fresh juiced OJ/Mango blend. Super fresh flavors.


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