Celeb Tweets: Sarma, PFW. Mallomars, Taxi's & Tini's.

Sarma Melngailis is the owner and founder of the successful raw vegan restaurant Pure Food and Wine here in New York City. She also manages the raw vegan website One Lucky Duck. Sarma has taken the raw food movement from hardly visible to totally trendy. (And delicious.) I recently reviewed PFW's Lemon-Raspberry Cheesecake. And FYI, Sarma is cool. You can spot her on many nights, working on her Mac laptop at her restaurant, you'll know it's her by her wavy blond hair and the tattoo of 'one lucky duck' on her shoulder.

Sarma is a master-Tweeter. Maybe it's from all those Master Cleanse Tini's she drinks. I love reading Sarma's latest dream, dessert-tasting, green juice for dinner menu, mallomar bliss or 'hanging out by the bar' adventure.

A few of my favorite Sarma tweets:

"had a quart of green juice and two dried calimyrna figs for dinner. Woohoo."

"Looking down into the Hudson. Only a few feet away and its always so tempting to throw my phone into it."

"It's busy here tonight!! I'm stuffed in the corner at the bar on my laptop like a nerd. Drinking sparkling water w lime n mint."

"Had lots of green juice today, salad, choco ice cream and now a mallomar for dinner. Lately I'm all about mallomars."

"Working alone in corner of full PF&W n guy sits down thinking I'm his blind date n I thought he just wanted to talk. THAT was awkward!"

"I don't think that I'll ever not sleep w stuffed animals. Will that be weird when I'm 40? Cuz that's not so far away."

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Sarma tweets:

"Just dreaming was on Top Chef n my team totally sucked n they wouldn't do anything. Way to wake up all stressed."

"Having a Master Cleanse Tini at the restaurant. Actually, on my second already. Was a long week. :-)"

"Trying new gazpacho at restaurant. It has mango avocado cream on top. SO GOOD!!!"

"Just walked home from 108th n CPWest to east 17th. Tired!!"

"I love it when u get a maniac taxi driver when u also happen to be in a huge hurry. Speeding over Mnhtn Bdg."

"eating a winter salad n working from my favorite corner. Winter salad will morph to Spring salad soon."

"Tom Cruise n I were poaching eggs together. He pulled them out w his bare hands n I was impressed. Dreams r weird."

"Going to sleep w my new pink teddybear in a purple tinkerbell shirt made for me by Camy. My bed is a zoo."

"Just got up n eating a ginger cream filled ginger cookie from the juice bar for breakfast w a huge glass water."


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