White Coconut: Mystery Food!

I found this ethereal-looking white coconut on my last trip to Essex Food Market here in NYC. I had never seen a pure white skinned coconut before! So I had to buy one.

Mysterious Cloud Coconut. I don't know it's official name. White coconut? I'll call it a cloud coconut. Or angels breath coconut. It's so light and pure with its wispy blonde strands gracefully bowing outward. I've been doing extensive research trying to figure out where this exotic white coconut comes from and how it is different from a brown skinned coconut. And unfortunately, my research has left me with a lot of unanswered questions. If you google "white coconut" you will get either a pre-skinned Fresh Young Coconut (looks white) or the inside of a brown coconut. Sigh.

So check out a few more amazing photos of this mysterious fruit and please let me know if you have any insight to its origin!

Click ahead for more white coconut photos....

White Coconut Photos:

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