Starbucks Value Meals: Can I Supersize and Veganize it?

starbucks new value mealsThe new Starbucks value meals were announced today, and I'm not impressed. Are you?

First complaint:
The beverage options are all tall sizes. Who orders a tall anymore? If I am headed to Starbucks I am investing in either a grande or a vente for sure.

Second complaint:
The meals are not vegan friendly. There are six options total, the only vegan option is a tall latte with a perfect oatmeal. And quite frankly, it doesn't even mention soy options, so maybe it's not vegan friendly! The other food options all include meat sandwiches, i.e. bacon, sausage, turkey and ham. I'm boo-ing the overall health factor too. Not much there but white starch, grease, cheese and meat.

Got Chai? Soy? And in both meals there is no mention of soy or chai options. Starbucks needs to tap into their soy milk loving, vegan customers. Don't they know how much soy milk they go through?!

What would be my perfect Starbucks value meal?

Click ahead to find out....

My perfect Starbucks value meal would be:

*A grande beverage (chai or latte), (soy milk optional for the same price extra.)
*A bagel (any flavor) plus spread.
All for $5

I'd choose a soy chai, multi grain bagel toasted with almond butter.

Sigh. I hope Starbucks is listening.

See the new options here:
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