Recipe: Ginger Lemonade. Pear-Sweetened. Frosted Too.

pear lemonadeFresh pressed juice. I'm an addict. I try and make myself at least one fresh juice a day using my Super Angel Juicer. And I love ginger accented juices. Nothing beats a spicy ginger-kicked-up juice.

frosted lemonadeIt all started with Pear Juice. I started this recipe by craving healthy pear juice. So I juiced two bosc pears. Pear juice is delicious, but incredibly sweet! Thus I needed to add a lot of ginger. Still too sweet. So, when life hands you too-sweet juice, make lemonade!

Ginger-Lemonade, Pear-Sweetened.
So I juiced one lemon and added it to the juice - and boom! I had an amazing fruit-juice sweetened lemonade. So refreshing.

with ice, I had a frosted Ginger-Lemonade. Yum.

Is it summer yet??

Click ahead for the Ginger Lemonade recipes, frozen and chilled...

Ginger-Lemonade, Pear-juice Sweetened
AKA, Fresh Pressed Lemon-Ginger-Pear Juice

2 pears (any variety)
1 lemon
1 chunk peeled ginger, to taste*

*I like a lot of ginger!

Juice pears and ginger. Squeeze separately and add to juice.

Chill in fridge until ready to drink.

TIP: Store pears in fridge to make instant cold juice.

juice frosted

Frosted Lemon-pear-ade

1 cup ice cubes
1 cup Lemon-Ginger-Pear juice (above)

Blend until slushy and frothy.
Cubes may still be a bit chunky, but that's OK.

Read more about the health benefits of SUPERFOOD PEARS!!

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