Pears: Fruit Nutrition Facts!

pears fruitIt's not easy being a pear! Pears are in a category all their own. Sweet flavor, tender flesh, smooth skin, grows on a tree. But no they are not an apple. A pear is a quiet fruit. Simple and sophisticated. Not much crunch or acid. But the flavor of a ripe perfect pear is incomparable - deliciously delicate. Pears come in many varieties, but one thing they have in common is super fruit nutrition facts!

New Character Announcement: And today is a special day since I will be unveiling a new Lunchbox Bunch character...and he is indeed a pear. I will post him in the next hour!

Hint: This pear could give Michael Phelps a swim for his money....

Click ahead for pear super fruit nutrition facts...

1 large pear
calories 133
fat 0 grams
protein 1 gram
carbs 35 grams
fiber 7 grams, 29% RDA
vitamin C 16% RDA
Vitamin K 13% RDA
Folate 4% RDA
Copper 9% RDA
Potassium 8% RDA
Magnesium 4% RDA

Cyanidin, Caffeic acid and Lutein.

Pears are a great source of fiber, vitamins C and K and the important electrolyte potassium.

Pears are perfection! Sweet, simple and healthy!

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