Paltrow's GOOP Sticks to 150,000 Subscribers

goop logo gwynethThe New York Post reported that:
"GWYNETH Paltrow claims her Web site, Goop, pulls in 150,000 subscribers - but the leggy celebrity isn't getting all those readers on her own. It turns out that is a client of controversial advertising guru Peter Arnell. "

Gwyneth PaltrowGOOP is the website of all things lifestyle by Gwyneth. She was unofficially quoted, aka eavesdropped on, at a recent party in NYC and said this:
"I don't want to be the next Martha Stewart, I just want to share advice. Goop has 150,000 subscribers now."

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GOOP, What Does it Mean Anyways??

It drives me nuts that no one will tell up what the GOOP letters stand for. I can guess the G and P. But the double O?


Peter Arnell

Apparently GOOP is a client of Peter Arnell, advertising guru behind such campaigns as Chrysler, DKNY and Con Ed.

I enjoy Gwyneth's weekly newsletters, although my one criticism is that I don't quite know what she stands for. Yes I know she loves YOGA, used to eat a macrobiotic diet, but now adds butter to her peas. And she has a zen-like quest to life. With the occasional fashion minded obsession. But Gwyn is very shy about telling us flat out what she represents these days. There is no preaching of a certain diet and barely even a "this is how I live my life." attitude. She just kinda throws out random ideas and advice about what is on her mind today. Very blog-like of her.

...It's so random, yet I love GOOP. I will continue to watch where this brand goes. And whether or not Gwyn really opens a gym in downtown NYC...
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