Over 3,000 Twitter Fans for The Lunchbox Bunch!

My Twitter account, The Lunchbox Bunch, recently gained over 3,000 followers on! Very exciting!

What do I TWEET?
All blog posts are tweeted, as well as a few bonus tweets!

Already a follower?
Thanks a bunch! I hope my tweets can bring you towards a healthier and happier life.

Not yet a follower?
You can follow me and The Lunchbox Bunch on Twitter by clicking here.

And FYI, You've gotta check out The Lunchbox Bunch Twitter background - it's adorable!Click here to check out my Twitter Lunchbox Bunch page and follow me!Click ahead for a few of my favorite Twitter brands to follow...

Other Twitter brands I love:

The Lunchbox Bunch, of course.

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