New Balance Total Fit: Marketing the LOVE/Hate of Exercise.

New Balance shoe brand is marketing their new Total Fit by acknowledging the LOVE/hate relationship that most of us have with exercise. Their slogan: "Delivering Total Fit. So you can LOVE running more."

I like that NB is admitting that exercise can at times be an emotional and physical struggle.

New Balance claims that only 4 in 10 adults wear properly fitting shoes. Thus, 60% of the population is experiencing pain due to improperly fitting shoes.

LOVE/hate indeed. Shoe problems can lead to foot pain and injury. Which leads to painful exercise. And then your LOVE of exercise can transform into a painful hate very quickly.

New Balance's marketing uses phrases like "LOVE conquers all." Hinting that NB is love and shoe pain is hate. Love may conquer all, but can it sell shoes? We'll see.

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New Balance LOVE/HATE, First Mile:

New Balance LOVE/HATE, Morning:

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