My Roasted Pepper Photo is Runner-Up in Photo Contest

roasted red pepperI'm happy to announce that my photo (above) of a "Roasted Red Pepper" was a runner-up in Grubs Club's Food Photography contest. First place went to "The Perfect Poached Egg" by Siddharth Khullar. It is a delicious photo. Too bad I don't eat eggs!

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Grubs Club Food Photography Contest Results:

First Place:
The Perfect Poached Egg, by Siddharth Khuller


"The Roasted Red Pepper" by Kathy Patalsky
"The Sushi BirthDay Cake" by Blackswan
"Clam Dish" by Isabelle Mazzoni
"Grilled Chicken" by Siddharth Khullar
"Kodbale" by Saraswathi Shankar
"Eggplant, Oven Dried Tomato and Skordalia Stacks" by Danielle Pallaske
"Eggplant Rolls" by Jeremy Blackman

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