My List of the Best Foodie Websites and Links - Top 15!

Here is my list of the 15 best foodie websites and links out there. What makes them the best? My list, my rules:
My requirements to make the list:
*Beautiful, professional and yummy food photos.
*User interaction or commenting.
*Cool Food Finds and Trends (Not your moms old fruitcake recipe.)
*Healthy Stuff Found.
*Fun Fun Fun.
*Makes an impact on the ever-evolving foodie world.
Included are:
*Massive recipe websites that deliver delicious ideas.
*Websites that passion-infused foodies flock to.
*Celebrity sites, a few I hate to love...
*Healthy Reference sites I can't live without!
Click ahead to see my list of the 15 best foodie websites...

Kathy's List of the 15 Best Foodie Websites

15. Tumblr
Tumblr is an awesome site for lots of stuff! Including food. Just search for a recipe name or keyword and see what gets tumbled back to you! I have a great Tmblr feed on Tumblr.

14. Yelp
I love yelping. I have yelped all of my vegan food experiences in NYC and beyond. Always something to peruse on Yelp. The TALK section is great. And the reviews are very accurate! Check out my Yelp profile here.

13. Veg News - Food
I LOVE Veg News Magazine. Awesome publication that is 100% vegan. And their site is beautiful. Vegan food photos galore.

12. Martha Stewart- FOOD
No one can do it like Martha. She is more than a celebrity foodie. She is the Queen of all things lifestyle. Her recipes and food photos never disappoint. Great blog by Martha too. And Martha starts each day with Green Juice! I loved the post about her New Year's party for her kitties.

11. Recipe Zaar
Another massive recipe site. Great food finds here. I haven't started submitting here- yet.

Shout out to the NYC NYMag crew. Grub Street is updated so much it is addicting. Occasional vegan posts to read about. More of those please!

9. AllRecipes
So many recipes, so little time. Healthy recipes galore.

8. Epicurious
I'm a curious foodies at heart, and this site always satisfies.

Cool find! Can't get into Per Se, French Laundry or Spago? This website gives foodies an inside look at the world's top chef's tasting menu's. Photos included! Nice.

6. Nutrition Data
A go-to site for all your nutrition data needs. I visit this site daily. Gives you hard-core nutrition data - not just the basic everyday info. Where else can you find out how many milligrams of Betaine are in your peas? (It's 0.3mg)

For the discriminating, doesn't like fluff, foodies out there. The message boards get intense and passionate on this site!

4.Food Network
Since I love the guilty pleasure of watching Giada whip up an Italian feast, or Alton Brown dissecting the intellectual intricacies of olive oil on Good Eats, I love The Food Network. And their website isn't bad either.

3. Tastespotting
Love this site! Discriminating editors are the key to the amazing photos on this site. It's like twitter for food photos, only edited for the best content possible. I recently opened a user profile and started submitting to this site, and will continue to!

A better source than say, Wikipedia for all those crazy food facts and pointers you are looking for. Includes nutrition data, history, facts and more on popular "whole" foods. Love this site.

1. Food Buzz
It's like DIGG for recipes. Power to the people! Love it. I have a great FoodBuzz page here.

Here are a few bonus celebrity sites that I must include in this post. I visit them a lot, so they get a shout-out. Some I hate to LOVE. Ugh, Yes Bitty and Bourdain made the cut. I love these guys, even if they don't always love my sauce-on-the-side, vegan ways. FYI, One of my professional goals is to have a face-to-face sit down with Tony Bourdain and pick his brain about why he hates vegans so much! ...I still love him. Sniff.

Mark Bittman: NY Times food guy. Also in the On the Road Again Spain show.
Tony Bourdain: My favorite vegan-hater. Tony would be at my "ultimate dinner party," if I ever get to throw it. Love No Reservations, even if I have to fast forward sometimes.
Gordon Ramsey: I love Gordon. He is so mean, yet always right. And he always wears cool clothes on his BBC Kitchen Nightmares show.
Giada: Sunny, friendly, and cheerful. Giada is a joy to watch on TV - and I love her books and website.
Jamie Oliver: Jamie is great. His work with kids in school lunch programs is incredibly inspiring.
Rachel Ray: I loved the show $40 a Day. And her website is impressive. I think she is finally breaking away from that bad Dunkin Donuts press. Good for her.
Jean Georges: He has a great blog and likes vegans. Good guy and great chef!

OK, OK! Now who did I miss??? Comment this!
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