Is My Probiotic Supplement Active? Easy At-Home Test!

I think we can all relate to this feeling: You just plunked down $35 or more to purchase the best probiotic acidophilus capsule supplement that you could find on the shelves of your natural foods store. You take it home, pull out a pill and think: How do I know this really works?

An Active Solution.
It's true that since probiotic supplements involve living organisms - healthy flora - friendly bacteria, there are often times when a supplement can be less than active, a bad bottle or simply 'dead' organisms. I know I don't want to spend $35 and pop a pill a day to not see results on my health. Thus, I discovered an awesome solution in the form of an easy at-home science experiment!

Thank you Dr. Klaper. I was perusing the website of vegan doctor , Michael Klaper, M.D. - who has contributed to such projects as "Diet for a New America" on PBS. Smart guy, amazing work. His website posts a simple science experiment at you can do at-home to find out if your probiotic supplement is indeed active!

It's so easy, it took me just about eight-ten hours to see some real proof that I had purchased a good bottle. Click ahead for the instructions.....

Is my Probiotic Active: Science Experiment

2 liquid containers (clean yogurt cups, plastic cups, mugs, shallow bowls, whatever. Just make sure they are similar in size and shape.)
1 cup of soy or regular milk.
2-3 sample probiotic pills from your bottle.*

Pour 1/2 cup of soy or regular milk in each container.
Split open your pills and sprinkle the contents into ONE of the containers. Mix it well into the milk.
Wait overnights, or roughly 8-10 hour to check the results.
If the milk containing the probitic curdles, clumps or firms, it is proven to be active. If the milk appears the same in both containers (watery and not curdled), you have an inactive bottle. Get your money back!

* Note: I used only 2 pills, and saw definite results. The original instructions say use 2-4 pills, but I think 2 should be enough. Less waste of expensive pills.

From Dr. Klaper's site, his instructions and explanation as to why this works:

" It is very important to be sure that the acidophilus product you are paying for and ingesting really contains live, beneficial bacteria. You can determine the "vitality" of your acidophilus product with a simple kitchen “experiment.” Start by pouring one cup of soy milk (cow’s milk will also work) into each of two small bowls and then stirring in one teaspoon of acidophilus powder (or the contents of 4-6 “Vegicaps”) into one of the bowls. Allow both bowls to sit out at room temperature overnight. When you examine the bowls in the morning, the milky contents should not look the same. Since Lactobacillus acidophilus is the bacteria that curdles milk, there should be signs of bacterial activity in the bowl containing the acidophilus - lumps of curdled soymilk, a film of yogurt, bubbles of carbon dioxide, etc. When you pour both bowls down the sink, if the physical characteristics of the white liquids appear to be the same, you have non-viable product and should get a fresh supply (or your money back). "

What Dr. Klaper has to say about probiotics:
Dr. Klaper's TIPS:

*Acidophilus is best consumed before meals. (Less stomach acid to kill the bacteria)

*Modern Life puts stress on our digestive systems - everyone can benefit from a supplement. Modern Life stresses: chlorinated drinking water, alcoholic beverages, antibiotic-laced foods. Even a one to two-week course of acidophilus, several times per year.

*Products containing “mixed strain” acidophilus are best.

*Try to consume all of the product within a few weeks of purchase.

Dr. Klaper's website link.
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