Huffington Post Spins Veggies and Steroids

VEGGIESThis annoyed me. It's an article by Rip Esselstyn on the Huffington Post with the obnoxious link headline: Natural Steroids For Athletes: Eat Your Vegetables.

I agree that an athlete's best friend is a healthy diet rich in nutrients. And even better is a plant-based diet, as 'Rip' suggests. But to compare vegetables and healthy foods to steroids seems a bit far reaching to me.

Spinning the Story on Veggies.
Do you really need to spin the idea of a plant-based diet so much by pulling in the biggest sports news story-steroids?

I'd like to think that athletes eat healthy foods by choice, not because they are really weighing their options of...

Hmm....carrots or steroid shot, spinach or steroid pill? Hmm... let me think...

Come on. Stick to the straight news. You don't need to SPIN the facts about the positive benefits of eating your vegetables.
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