Happy Pi Day! Happy Pie Day!

Retro Potato with Pie
It's Pi day! 3.14. No, I'm not a math geek. I actually just love pie. The kind you eat!

Here are a few fun PIE facts for a happy Pi day!

*The first "pie" was actually meat pie and shepherd's (potato) pie. Sweet pie came later.

*America's favorite pie flavor:
Schwan's Consumer Brands North America conducted a nationwide poll asking, "what are your three favorite pies." The results showed that people chose apple pies a whopping 72 percent of the time. Pumpkin came in second. My favorite, blackberry pie, didn't make the top ten list:

1. Apple, 47%
2. Pumpkin, 37%
3. Chocolate creme, 32%
4. Cherry, 27%
5. Apple crumb, 25%
6. Pecan, 24%
7. Lemon Meringue, 24%
8. Blueberry, 21%
9. Key lime, 18%
10. Peach, 16%

*Mark Twain, (1880-1910) used to eat half a Huckleberry Pie a day! ...During a depressed phase of his life. Hmmm...Huckleberry Finn is making more sense now:
Mark Twain, was a big fan of eating pies. According to The American Heritage Cookbook, Katy Leary said in her book on Mark Twain: She ordered a pie every morning, she said, recalling a period in which Twain was depressed. "Then I'd get a quart of milk and put it on the ice, and have it all ready - the huckleberry pie and the cold milk - about one o'clock. He eat half the huckleberry pie, anyway, and drink all the milk."

Click ahead to take my poll asking "What are your three favorite fruit-filled pies?"...

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