Favorite Green Things!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Instead of giving you my healthy vegan spin on corned beef and mashed potatoes, I decided to embrace the artist/color-lover in me and list a few of my favorite green things. And no, I didn't simply list all my favorite green veggies, although it was hard.
Kathy's fave green things list:
green thingsKiwis
My Spring Green Fruit Salad
San Pellegrino bottles
Starbucks (green logo...)
Sea Glass
My cat's kitty grass
Central Park in the spring
Lilly pads
Spirulina added to my fruit smoothie
Arugula, Watercress and Mache greens
Pippin Apples
Salsa verde
Fried Green Tomatoes (the movie and the food)
Fresh Peas
Caravan of Dreams Tofu Pesto Sandwich
Bamboo Forrest hikes in Hawaii
Young Coconuts, pre-peeled
Mint leaves
BioKPlus (in a green box)
a Garden hose (reminds me of summer)
the Statue of Liberty
a hydrangena bush before it blooms
A Big Bowl of Guacamole
Pea Soup
Bob Greene's No-Cheese Lasagna
Green Markets in NYC

What are some of your favorite green things???

....and yes being green is a great thing too...

Happy St Patty's Day!
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