Disney Eggs: Stamped with Mickey's Approval. Hot or Not?

As a vegan, I don't eat eggs.
But this Disney Eggs commercial caught my eye.They are simply eggs. No, they aren't magical Disney eggs. They are stamped with colorful images of Disney characters. Cinderella, Mickey, the get the idea. This idea is similar to the marketing scheme used with character-stuck banana produce stickers.The big question: Hot or Not?

Click ahead for my opinion on these Disney Eggs....

Hot or Not: Disney Eggs

I am in favor of kids eating whole foods like eggs as opposed to sugary-sweet cereal in the morning. So for those non-vegan kids, which is most, I have to wonder if these stamps help bring healthy-egg-eating to the table. Can a Cinderella stamped egg compete with a frosted pop-tart?

My Opinion
As an artist who created a brand called The Lunchbox Bunch, I do think that making healthy foods appear 'funner' than they appear simply sitting in the fruit bowl or fridge, is a great thing to spark healthy eating interest in kids.

However, the fun stuff must also be in context. I wish that along with the Mickey face on the egg, there were healthy egg tips that the parents could read to the kids. Maybe instead of Cindy's face you see Cindy's face and a thought bubble saying:
"I love eggs! Did you know one egg has about 6 grams of protein?!"

But if you are simply looking to inspire a little fun in your kids eggs, why not simply hard-boil the egg, and draw a happy face on the front. or better yet, get some stickers and stick them on yourself. You can even purchase some Lunchbox Bunch fruit and veggie character sticker if you'd like!

Bottom Line:
I do love Disney, I just hope people aren't confused to think that these are 'magical' or super-healthy eggs. Eggs are eggs are eggs.

Thinking back on my childhood, I guess I did usually end up eating all the pretty hard-boiled colored Easter eggs in my basket...and I hated hard boiled eggs. Go figure....

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