Persimmons: Simply Sweet or Super Fiber Food?

I love persimmons.

That silky shiny orange outer layer that softens into a thin tender skin as it ripens. Inside, a gooey sweet pulp turns into a succulent jelly that simply melts in your mouth.

I used to eat persimmons fresh off the tree in California. And every time I bite into one here in cold NYC, I can almost taste the California sunshine.

But as the sweet taste fades, I have to wonder- Are persimmons healthy or simply nature's tree candy?

Keep reading for the surprising reason persimmons are indeed a super food.....

Persimmons, let's look at the facts.

Persimmon Nutrition Facts
per 1 fruit, 2 1/2"
calories: 118
fat: 0 grams
fiber: 6 grams (24% RDA)
protein: 1 gram
Vitamin A: 55% RDA
Vitamin C: 21% RDA
Vitamin B6: 8% RDA
Manganese: 30% RDA

Persimmons are a great source of vitamin A, B6, C and manganese.


Wow! 6 grams of fiber. That is impressive for such a tiny fruit.

Compare that to a large apple with similar calorie content:
116 calories
5 grams fiber

Are you shocked? A tiny persimmon has more fiber than a large apple.

More Fiber than Fiber One brand Yogurt

FiberOne brand yogurt boasts 20% RDA fiber in each yogurt. So clearly, you can simply eat one yummy persimmon and get more fiber than in the FiberOne Yogurt.

Yay Mother Nature.

For the Parents....
So stick a persimmon in you child's lunchbox where that apple usually goes- your child might be a bit confused, but once they bite down they will be in for a sweet super food surprise.

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