One Singular Sensation! RDA Boosting Super Foods List.

Here are a few surprising super foods that when you eat just one piece or one serving, give you 100% RDA (or close to) of an important nutrient.

Here are a few hints:

Just one piece of a certain type of nut gives you over 700% RDA of selenium.

Just one portion of a sea food gives you 85% your RDA of the hard-to-get nutrient zinc!

Just one of a certain fruit gives 117% RDA of Vitamin C! And it's not an orange...

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Just one tiny Brazil nut gives you 776% RDA of Selenium!

Just one oyster gives you 85% your RDA of Zinc!

Vitamin A
Just one small 5" long carrot gives you 168% RDA of Vitamin A.
Just one medium sweet potato gives you 475% RDA of Vitamin A.

Vitamin C
Just one kiwi gives you 117% RDA of Vitamin C!
Just one orange gives you 116% RDA of Vitamin C!

Vitamin E
Just 1/2 cup of almonds gives you 100% RDA of Vitamin E.
Just 1 Tbsp. wheat germ oil gives you 100% RDA of Vitamin E.

Drink about 1 cup of coconut water, 5 times a day and you have 100% RDA of Potassium!

Just one cup of pineapple gives you 91% RDA of Manganese!

Just one cup of lentils gives you 95% RDA of Iron.

Just one cup of raw shiitake mushrooms gives you 65% RDA of Copper!

Later I'll post a few more nutrient boosting superfoods and let you know how you can easily find out what nutrients you may be lacking in!

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