[Me] & Goji: Cereal, by You.

About ten years ago I was obsessed with a company called MyCereal. I don't know what happened to them, the website now belongs to General Mills. But today I discovered a very re-vamped, health-enthusiast-friendly version of the 'customize my own cereal' idea. The website is called [Me] & Goji.

Cereal nuts will be in heaven. FYI, no marshmallows or puffed waffle squares here. Ingredients are healthy and yummy, and include goji berries, dried bananas, nutmeg, wheat germ, quinoa flakes, cinnamon, chocolate-covered peanuts, muesli, cranberries, dried strawberries, brazil nuts and many more options. You can even name your own cereal. And it comes in a freshness-friendly container tube

*over 40+ ingredients.

*describes the nutrition and health properties of each ingredient

*exotic ingredients galore.

*blog offers specials from time to time.
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