Del Monte: Fruit Cups Gone Wild??? Plus, Packaged Fruit Ideas.

Del Monte fruit company is taking the marketing concept of 'sex sells' to a whole new level with a brand new marketing campaign to sell its fruit cups, jars and cans. The slogan? Fruit: Undressed. Welcome to the pure joy of undressed fruit.

It makes sense. It's fruit without the protective peel. AKA, undressed. I don't recommend that anyone relies solely on pre-packed fruit-rather than fresh fruit in their diet, but there are a few great uses I can name for Del Monte's line of canned/cupped/jarred fruit.

Click ahead for my list of uses, a coupon link, and a closer look at the Fruit Undressed campaign.

Pre-packaged Fruit: When to Say yes:

1. Baked goods
If you are going to bake it, whey not save yourself a bit of work and use pre-cut fruit. Fresh is always best, but in my experience, canned pears and pineapple do very well in baked muffins, breads and cakes.

2. Lunch on the go
Sometimes it's tricky to plan ahead and get fresh produce everyday. So once in a while it is easy to simply grab a pre-cut fruit pack like a mandarin orange, grapefruit or pineapple cup.

3. Great for kids
Kids may not know how to peel an orange or grapefruit at a busy lunch table at school. It's much easier for then to pop a top. And it gets them into a good habit of choosing fruit over junk snack foods.

4. Salads
I actually love mandarin oranges in my salads. I will usually do half fresh half canned mandarins in a citrus salad I prepare.Half and half is a good choice because you get the best of both worlds-fresh and pre-packed.

5. Sick Day
When I am not feeling well, I always crave a canned fruit salad. Call it nostalgia, call t chemistry. The easy to digest canned fruit is sweet enough to calm a tummy, and just bland enough to keep it calm. Canned peaches and pears are my choices for a ill-feeling loved one.


Here's a link to a $1 off coupon from Del Monte.

And here's a few more funny 'undressed' fruit media can get them as wallpaper and e-cards at the Del Monte website.

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