Could Economy Woes Make Us Healthier?

Could Economy Woes Make Us Healthier?A survey published in PARADE magazine revealed a few interesting trends regarding how a poor economy affects the way Americans eat.

The media loves to report all about how Americans seem to turn to fast food more when the economy slumps. But what about the other side of the story?

One positive finding in the survey: 21% said they are planting their own vegetable garden.

However: Only 33% won't give up eating a balanced meal. So does that mean 68% will?

Overall, 80% of people are changing their habits. Change could be a good thing for a country with an ever-rising rate of obesity.Click forward to read a list of interesting statistics from the survey...

What America eats survey findings:

80% of people are changing their habits.
35% are making more meals from scratch.
28% are buying more products in bulk.
33% won't give up eating a balanced meal.
48% say they eat out less than they used to.
21% said they are planting their own vegetable garden.
59% are turning away from expensive beef cuts.
61% say they rely on coupons and sales when shopping.
42% have switched to less expensive brands.
47% avoid shopping too often to avoid expensive splurges.
70% always was fresh fruit and veggies before eating.
40% of people will eat bread past the expiration date.
30% will eat canned goods past the expiration date.
33% will eat anything past the expiration date if it looks and smells OK.
53% will eat anything that falls on the floor-5 second rule applies.
21% of Americans say that the most adventurous food they have eaten is sushi.
19% say the most exotic food is Chinese takeout or another ethnic food.
66% say they would not pass off prepared foods as their own.

PARADE ARTICLE: http://www.parade.com/export/sites/default/food/2008/11/what-america-really-eats.html

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