Update: ZICO Responds to Your Question About Coconut Water's High Mineral Content

Yay to ZICO brand Coconut Water.
After emailing the top three CW companies, ZICO was the first to respond, same day.

In regards to my original Coconut Water 101 post,
I received this great question-comment from a blog reader:

"Hey, what happens if you like drink 3-4 or maybe 5 coconut water drinks per day.. I've just noticed how much manganese is in it (checking the vita coco pack) and I've already had 3 today! Does that mean I can only have 2 per day!? (because recommended intake of manganese is about 4mg)" -Anonymous

And I wrote this to ZICO, Vita CoCo and O.N.E:

Hi, I write a blog called Healthy. Happy. Life. and I am constantly discussing the benefits of coconut water. Many of my readers share a common question: With such high RDA's of minerals and electrolytes like manganese, magnesium and like potassium, is it possible to get too much of these good nutrients? Many of my readers drink 2-6 coconut waters a day! Any advice? Thanks so much, Kathy

The Answer?!
.....Click READ MORE to hear what ZICO has to say about this excellent question!

Hi Kathy,

Great question. Since these minerals are water soluble (not directly as elements, but as ionic compounds found naturally in coconut water), taking in more than the body needs generally results in excess amounts exiting the body via urine. Granted, too much of anything is by definition not good, but the most common side effect of drinking more than the body needs or drinking on an empty stomach are mild diarrhea or gas buildup, as natural coconut water is a mild "aquaretic" that rids the body of excess fluids.

If someone leads a physically active lifestyle, drinking a liter or so of coconut water throughout the day, especially during and after exercise, he or she can actually reduce recovery time between workouts because the body needs to replace the potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and other ion salts, or electrolytes, that allow the body's nerves to smoothly pass electrical signals along nerves and to the muscles. A lack of these salts can have many negative effects on the central nervous system, the most common being cramping.

I hope that helped!!!


J. Ross Ferrell
Zico Operations Manager

Thanks for the Coconut Water Questions

I'll let my readers know if/when O.N.E and Vita CoCo respond as well. Keep those great comments coming everyone!
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