Vitamin Water Sued by CSPI. Merely Deceptive Sugar Water?

Vitamin Water merely sugared and colored water, suit says -- "CSPI sues Coca-Cola over Vitamin Water"

CSPI, a nutrition advocacy group, on Thursday sued the Coca-Cola Co., the biggest beverage maker in the world, over what it calls 'deceptive' health claims about Vitamin Water.'

The Washington-based Center for Science in the Public Interest accuses Coke of selling what it says is basically sugar water by claiming it has vitamins that boost immunity and reduce the risk of disease."

Read more for the debate over the 'health value' of Vitamin Water.

And why I think that CSPI is wrong. Big Time.

“We had been looking at Vitamin water for a number of months. Our concern is flavored sugar water shouldn’t be marketed as a health drink,” CSPI litigation director Steve Gardner told Brandweek.

Merely Sugar Water?

My Thoughts:

On the Health of Vitamin Water:

When you break down all fruit juice options out there: apple, orange, grape, etc - there are basic ratios of carbohydrates to fat to protein. Usually, except for a few exceptions, fruit juice beverages are all sugars-simple carbohydrates. Vitamin Water is also made up of all carbohydrates.

So why is Vitamin Water so bad, and say, grape juice (incredibly high in sugars) is left alone?

CSPI says it is all about marketing. Good point. But start using that argument and you will have a very long list of offenders. Take the Pizza Hut Au Natural Pizza, touting itself as 'healthy'. Or why not bully Gatorade, a similar beverage to Vitamin Water, without any vitamins! Gatorade is clearly marketed to athletes and teenagers seeking a thirst-quenching, 'healthy' sports beverage.

This Time, CSPI is Wrong

I am a big fan of CSPI. I love their best and worst foods lists. You can find them on their website.

But I think there are much bigger fish to fry. Why waste your time on Vitamin Water? One bottle of VW contains only around 100 calories. Less than soda.

Vitamin Water is not making anyone obese (the new 'overweight') I assure you.

And Vitamin Water does contain small amounts of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and herbs like chamomile or green tea. So maybe it is a healthy option. Healthier than caramel-colored, vitamin-lacking, high sugar soda pop.


Sorry guys, but VW is not the enemy.

The enemy is McDonald's, Cheesecake Factory desserts, Hostess, Kellogg's sugar saturated "kids" cereals, Kraft cheese, Ben and Jerry's, Lays Potato Chips, Wendy's Kids Meals and maybe even Soda pop.

...but not Vitamin Water.



Vitamin Water is one of the top leading beverages in the industry, and everyone seems to agree that it "tastes yummy." Heck, Trader Joe's even created a pretty good knock-off. And Vitamin Water wannabees pop up everywhere.

Thus, attack Vitamin Water - get your name in headline news.

So I hope CSPI learns from the backlash and starts focusing on some really unhealthy-eating enemies like the, Heart Attack Grill, in Arizona...

...and just leave the Vitamin Water people alone.

It's a waste of energy and bad for your public image. This isn't good PR for you guys at CSPI.
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