Straight From the Coconut's Mouth, Coconut Water.

I talk a lot about coconut water.

I also talk about how shockingly delicious fresh coconut water is.

But most people don't know where to get fresh coconut water!

So here is a photo of where fresh coconut water comes from:

a cracked open coconut!

You may have seen these white coconuts wrapped in plastic wrap in your grocery store.

Buy one! And drink from it. And experience true coconut water bliss. Need tips on opening a coconut? -->

Coconut Opening Tips:

All you need is a small hole for a straw.
Use a sharp knife to, with one swipe, poke a hole.
Chop it as you would an apple-only harder.
You don't need to use the tip of the knife. Just a sliver-slice can create a hole for a straw.
A few angled swipes at the same spot on the coconut works well too.

Good luck!

PS. The tetra pack coconuts like ZICO, Vita CoCo and ONE are also very good substitutes for a straight-from-the-coconut water.

I like my tetrapaks half frozen. Super cold! Tastes like a Icee or slushee that way.
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